American Lager

American Lager

Final Volume                         25 litres

Original Gravity                       1.048

Lager Malt                         4000 gm
Flaked Maize                       400 gm
Wheat Malt                         500 gm

Hallertau Hops                       30 gm

Mash Water                         15 litres
Dry Lager Yeast                   1 packet
--OR-- Liquid Lager Yeast   1 vial

NOTE: For this recipe, you will need to heat the mash at various stages without adding more hot water. The easiest way to do this is to draw off some of the wort that collects in the bottom of your mash tun, heat the wort and pour it back into the mash over top of the grain bed.

1) Heat the mash water to 45°C and stir in the malt, wheat and flaked maize
2) Stir continuously while raising the temperature to 55°C
3) Let rest for 30 minutes
4) Raise to 66°C and let rest for 90 minutes, checking that the temperature remains at 66°C
5) Heat about 20 litres of water to 75-80°C for sparging
6) Sparge until you collect 25-27 litres of wort
7) Bring to a boil and add the Hallertau hops
8) After 90 minutes of boiling, turn off the heat and strain off the clear wort into the primary fermenter. Top up if necessary with boiled water. Cover the primary fermenter and let the wort cool
9) If you were not able to make a yeast starter the night before, set aside about 2 litres of the wort and quickly chill. Add the yeast to the starter wort once it has reached 70°C. If you prefer not to make a yeast starter, simply follow the instructions that come with your yeast
10) Once the wort has cooled to 70°C, take a hydrometer reading, then pitch your yeast, stirring vigorously
11) Ferment in a cool location for 5 days, then transfer to the secondary fermenter and fit the air lock
12) After 21 days in the secondary fermenter transfer back to the primary fermenter and bottle or keg
13) Sample after 30 days in the bottle/keg